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Deal with study & exam stress - Permanently

Are exams, school and study overwhelming you?

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Student life is extremely demanding. Students are constantly beating deadlines and pushing their intellectual boundaries to receive good grades. Most students start off the term with a high level of enthusiasm and motivation. However, this can gradually wane. There are some students who lose their drive because they get discouraged or stressed.

Don’t let the pressure crush you
In itself, pressure is a good thing that keeps us motivated. But if extreme stress reactions to exams and study are not properly managed they can lead to health and psychological problems. They can also mean procrastination, poor grades and aversion to education generally – leading to significant impacts on future life.

Deal with the root issues
With our expert hypnotherapy sessions we can help students to identify the root cause of the stress and anxiety and help produce a plan to address these issues in a manageable way. Hypnotherapy can also help bring to light and reinforce the positive thoughts and qualities you have about your education and yourself. We will teach you powerful stress and anxiety reduction techniques.

Symptoms of study & exam stress

  • Digestive problems
  • Self worth issues
  • Procrastination
  • eczema/skin disorders
  • Performance anxiety
  • Pessimism or negative self-talk
  • Going blank in the exam
  • Anger & irritability
  • Depression
  • Sleep disorders
  • Drinking, drug use or smoking
  • Chest pains, back pains, nausea, trembling, shortness of breath
  • Teeth grinding & nail biting
  • Strongly beating heart, sweating
  • Constipation or diarrhoea

How does the Program work?

Exams & study stress reactions

You stress – before, during and after your exams. Self expectations and other sources of stress like relationships, parents, finances, uncertainty and performance anxiety all join in the mix.

Hypnosis exposes the root causes

Hypnosis allows examination of the roots of subconscious stress and the identification of the sources of unbalanced pressures – and their remedy.

Turn off the stress

Our expert hypnotherapy program will maximise your motivation to study and give you the confidence that will allow you to deal with stress and anxiety and approach exams with a cool and focused mind.

Leave stress behind

The perfectly natural and necessary pressure is still there but not in way that interferes with your ability to concentrate and to do and achieve your very best.

Hypnosis will make your motivation for studying a steady and constant drive.

Increase your academic confidence

Specialist Hypnotherapy logo 80 x 80Hypnosis can assist the student to have greater control over both mind and body. It will allow students to not only overcome stress and anxiety but also vastly improve study skills and help to overcome self-sabotaging behaviours that are preventing optimum success.

Specialist Hypnotherapy’s Educational Stress Program will teach the mind to be relaxed when it needs to be. It will maximise the ability to absorb information and to understand, organise and communicate knowledge.

With hypnosis will allow you to easily switch to a relaxed state of mind whenever you feel anxious.

When your mind is relaxed, learning comes easily. You can understand and remember information better – allowing you to process what you have been studying as well. It also lets you overcome all the many unpleasant symptoms of unnecessary stress reactions.

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Watch a short video from the BBC on helpful tips to help you out with exam stress.