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What is ARFID?

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Specialist ARFID Therapy

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Autism, ADHD and ARFID

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Success & Recovery

Specialist ARFID Therapy Services

Available in the Melbourne Clinic and Australia wide & Internationally via Zoom

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Specialist Hypnotherapy is Australia’s leading ARFID Therapy Provider combining Hypnosis with Psychology Phobia Protocols.

Over 6,000 clients have already experienced this breakthrough Specialist ARFID Therapy Program.

The goal of the Therapy is for clients to be able to explore their previously ‘non safe’ foods without their old fears and feelings holding them back. Most clients are able to achieve this in one or two sessions.

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Glenn Roberston
Glenn Robertson

0416 135 180

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Glenn is a Government Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in ARFID Therapy. Glenn uses the successful Specialist ARFID Therapy protocol to treat children, adolescents and adults with Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder. Glenn is also the Administrator of Australia’s largest ARFID support group on Facebook, with over 4,500 families and members.

Hanlie van der Walt
Hanlie Robertson

0403 015 339

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Hanlie is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a Masters in Medical Social Work and Counselling. Hanlie has a passion for helping clients with food related issues. Hanlie provides ARFID clients with support services, as well as providing Specialised Therapy for Food & Sugar Addictions and achieving Healthy & Sustainable Weight Loss goals.


Specialist Therapy Services for ARFID, including comorbid ASD (Autism), ADHD, SPD and Emetophobia

ARFID – Food Phobia

ARFID – Selective Eating Disorder

  • Does the taste, smell or texture of food make you anxious?
  • Do you only have a small amount of ‘safe’ foods?
  • Do you want to eat foods, but your mind and body won’t let you?
  • Have you been called a ‘fussy eater’, but never grown out of it?
  • Our Program will help you regain control and reduce your fear around new foods.

Emetophobia – Feeling sick around food

  • Do you feel the sensation of nausea or vomiting frequently?
  • Are you worried about vomiting in social settings?
  • Do you check expiry dates, food preparation hygiene, etc.?
  • Do you avoid certain foods such as meat, chicken and fish?
  • Have you reacted negatively to the thought of being sick?
  • Do thoughts of nausea hold you back from enjoying life?
Autism, ADHD and ARFID

Autism, ADHD and ARFID

  • Are you anxious about certain food groups?
  • Do you prefer to eat the same foods over and over?
  • Is it easy for you to experience sensory overload?
  • Do you have rigid or routine eating behaviours?
  • Do you have a lack of interest in food?
  • Do you sometimes forget to eat?
Hypnosis, Psychology and ARFID Therapy

Hypnosis, Psychology and ARFID Therapy

  • ARFID is not logical (conscious), it is emotional (subconscious)
  • ARFID behaviour can change with professional help
  • Change is possible in one or two sessions
  • Change is possible at any age
  • ARFID is a learned response. It can be unlearned

Specialist Hypnotherapy logo 60x60ARFID Australia Support Group

Proudly sponsored and administered by Specialist Hypnotherapy. This Facebook group offers support to those living with the challenges of ARFID, along with their family, friends and carers. Click the link to join Australia’s largest online ARFID support community.

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Teenage and Adult clients who experience a positive outcome from the Specialist ARFID Therapy Program 90%
ARFID clients who display comorbid Autism and ADHD 29%
ARFID clients where negative/restrictive food behaviours started under 4 years of age 95%
ARFID clients who are male 57%
ARFID clients who experience comorbid anxiety and sensory sensitivities 72%

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