Do you remember when you first discovered the word ARFID?

Specialist Hypnotherapy logo 80 x 80Can you remember that feeling in THAT VERY MOMENT when you realised that you weren’t crazy… that there were lots of other people who felt just like you? That this ‘thing’ you were dealing with had a name, that you weren’t alone? (Or maybe you’re the parent of a child and ARFID just made sense after all these years of OT, Doctor, Speech Therapist, Dietician and Psychologist visits)

And then you started Googling!

Well… this ARFID Info Pack is designed to help you find information about ARFID faster.

The ARFID Info Pack will connect you with many ARFID and Eating Disorder information sites to help you conduct your own research into ARFID.

My name is Glenn Robertson and I am the Administrator of the ARFID Australia Support Group, and the Principal ARFID Therapist at Specialist Hypnotherapy. Specialist Hypnotherapy is Australia’s leading ARFID Therapy Provider combining Hypnosis with Psychology Phobia Protocols.

At the Specialist Hypnotherapy ARFID Eating Disorder Clinic in Melbourne, Australia, I have personally seen over 2,500 ARFID clients aged from 8 to 80. Change is possible at any age. Most of my clients find that they can begin exploring previously non safe foods after just one or two sessions.

Although you will find information about Specialist ARFID Therapy in this ARFID Info Pack, there is so much more to explore. I have included information about other therapy options, Eating Disorder Associations, helpful tips for children and adults with ARFID, posters to share with school & friends, ARFID YouTube clips, ARFID books, ASD & ADHD comorbidity, and so much more.

Call now on 1300 323 203 or +61 3 8592 4735 to speak to one of our Therapists about the Program.

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