Specialist ARFID Therapy – (for ages 9+, Teenager and Adult)

(Note: this therapy may also be appropriate for some children aged 7 & 8 depending on their awareness of their ARFID behaviour and their ability to engage with therapy. Please contact the Clinic and we can assist with assessing if the Therapy is appropriate for the younger child).

Specialist Hypnotherapy logo 80 x 80Description

Two Session ARFID Therapy Program utilising hypnosis and psychological therapy protocols tailored for each client.

To reduce or eliminate the existing fear/disinterest/emotion around food so that the client can begin to explore food without the old feelings holding them back.

Delivery method
Either in Clinic or remotely via Zoom

Price: $595.00 AUD.


  • Initial 15 minute Zoom consultation (if required)
  • Main Therapy session. 90-120 minutes
  • Follow up Therapy Session 7 days later. 45-60 minutes
  • ARFID ‘take home’ recording
  • Feedback contact 2 weeks after therapy

On going ARFID Therapy support session

Ongoing ARFID Therapy for clients who require support after completing the initial 2 session ARFID Therapy Program.

Specialist Hypnotherapy logo 80 x 80 Goal

To assist clients on the recovery path by providing professional support and guidance.

Delivery method

Either in Clinic or remotely via Zoom


Therapy session 60-90 minutes

Price: $265.00 AUD.


Call now on 1300 323 203 or +61 3 8592 4735 to speak to one of our Therapists about the Program.

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