Specialist Hypnotherapy logo 80 x 80Emetophobia is a fear of vomiting. This can occur with or without food present. This is often linked with OCD behaviour. However the fear of vomiting specifically around food is more aligned with ARFID and is less likely to be OCD type Emetophobia.

People with Emetophobia (with a food focus) often engage in safety behaviours that might include checking expiry dates on food, checking food preparation area & procedures, avoiding certain foods like meat and seafood, avoiding alcohol, etc. Engaging in these avoiding behaviours can become time consuming and increase overall anxiety.

The trigger for Emetophobia may be direct, or indirect. It may be as a result of an experienced gastro or vomiting incident. Or maybe it was triggered by seeing someone else become unwell, or even reading or hearing about it. In most cases, people with Emetophobia have a vulnerability to anxiety (and disgust), and feel these sensations acutely through the body as nausea or butterflies in the stomach.

The protocols used in Specialist ARFID Therapy have a high success rate in alleviating the heightened sensitivities that drive Emetophobia.


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