Just wanted to give some feedback on our recent experience with Glenn Robertson at Specialist Hypnotherapy.

My 20-year-old Son suffers with ARFID and has since the age of 4. Although I have taken him to see Doctors, Child psychologist, dieticians etc., we were still at a stand still as to what to do next.

After constant research of our own, I came across Specialist Hypnotherapy and life for my Son right now couldn’t be greater. One single Virtual session with Glenn, has changed his life. He has made some incredible changes over the past few weeks, changes that we never thought we would ever see!!

My Son’s safe food was KFC and a few other unhealthy sad choices. He always struggled with the smell of other people’s food, or the look of what they were eating. He was always anxious about food and wanted to eat good food but just could not do it.

Over the past two weeks, since his session with Glenn Robertson my Son is now eating steak, cucumber, salad, crumbed fish fillet, ribs, fried egg, healthier cereals, he is even mixing food on a plate – which he would never do . He is still incorporating a few of his safe foods and choosing something different off the KFC menu with the goal to eventually have it every now and again.

Even that fact that he now uses a knife and fork to cut up and eat his food makes me so excited!

My Son is now talking about joining the gym and has a less anxious but positive outlook of his future health. It has been such an emotional beautiful experience.

We are so very grateful for Glenn Robertson’s amazing work with our Son. He truly made my Son feel ok about his situation and helped him get through this, he is happier and less anxious, he actually asks me ‘what’s for dinner mum”.

Thank you Glenn Robertson and Specialist Hypnotherapy for your amazing work with our Son. We would highly recommend your services to anyone who is in this situation.

Roseanne S

NSW, Australia