So today we saw Glenn Robertson for hypnosis ARFID Therapy!

It was a huge day for my 12 year old Son who has ARFID and has only eaten 3 foods since he was 18 months old.

He tried 7 new foods after the session, he sat there calmly and without gagging. He didn’t like them all but are on the list to keep trying.

He keeps telling me that it’s really weird how that wall that stops me from trying food is not there anymore, and that his tongue and tastebuds will get use to different flavours in time.

He is so excited to be starting this new journey and knows that it’s something that can get better and will get better and he now knows that he is in control.

So if anyone is struggling with food I say please give this a go.

Thank you Glenn, you are a wonderful caring man and my Son really was engaged with you throughout the session.

It’s a long road but we are on the right path to success.

Jane M

Victoria, Australia