I just wanted to share my Son’s story.

My 17 year old boy has had severe restricted eating since his was about 2 years old. His safe foods were limited to UpnGo, Jatz, milk, weetbix, Nutella on Milk Arrowroot biscuits, ice cream, an occasional apple (which was only been the last year or so), and home baked cookies. We also managed to get him to eat one brand/one flavour of puréed vegetables, again it was occasionally.

He was diagnosed with autism at the beginning of last year, after 6 months of OT and a session with Glenn Robertson he is eating scrambled eggs that he cooked himself and a selection of fruit and veggies (he also will eat apple, blueberries and apricots).

He told me he is so proud of himself and I can’t tell you how proud I am!

Kylie P

NSW, Australia