Anyone who is thinking about booking a session with Glenn Robertson I cannot recommend him more highly.

My Son (9.5, ARFID, ASD, ADHD) had a 2 hour zoom session with Glenn 6 weeks ago, followed by a 45 minute session a week later.
The therapy session went really really well.

Glenn is so calm and gentle and tells a lot of stories. The therapy went for 2 hours. I wasn’t sure if zoom would work for my Son but he paid attention the whole session.

I was very cynical about whether my 9.5 year old would try new foods at the end but he did calmly try 6 new foods, including a bite of cheese pizza which was a big win.

In the days and weeks following his sessions with Glenn my son has initiated trying new foods, he is up to trying about 35 new foods (some easier, some harder than others). He has been able to do things like eat cheese tacos at a family gathering (it’s been over a year since he last ate cheese).

My son also goes to sleep listening to a recording from Glenn for ARFID kids, and I think this is helping consolidate what he learnt during the sessions with Glenn.

To anyone thinking about booking a session with Glenn – do it!!! I think my son is a good age for it. I wondered if I would’ve been better off flying to Melbourne for an in person session but my son engaged really well over zoom so I think I agree with Glenn that zoom can be just as effective as face to face.

Sarah P

NSW, Australia