It’s been a week yesterday since we first went to see Glenn Robertson at Specialist Hypnotherapy and I’m completely blown away.

We have seen such a huge shift in my boy’s (10) mind and a massive reduction in anxiety around trying new foods.

This kid who has been on less than 10 foods and drinks for much of his life is sticking new foods into his mouth, chewing and swallowing?!

If he ever tried anything previously it was a reluctant nibble, usually followed by a spit. But now he is taking big bites?! I am literally laughing as I write this as it is such a change it is almost unbelievable. He even tried sushi of all things?!

He hasn’t liked everything he’s tried and there’s still a way to go in incorporating those foods he likes into his everyday diet but wow this is the biggest step forward we have ever seen in him. He even took an apple to school for fruit time and ate it!!! He hasn’t eaten a fruit in 5 years!!

Kate C

Tasmania, Australia