Just posting because I’ve had the most amazing 36 hours of my life.

My Son and I saw Glenn Robertson yesterday. My Son is 11 and was restricted to pretty much vegemite on toast, hot chips and sweet biscuits.

It had been lifelong and was the biggest stress in his and my life.

As well as ARFID, my son also has a diagnosis of ADHD, ASD, hyper mobility and low tone.

This session was life changing. So amazingly life changing, I can’t even explain it in words.

He has tried 5 foods since his session – that he wanted to try! Even the mention of trying anything previously would have been met with a full blown panic attack, rocking back and forth in the foetal position and it wouldn’t have happened. I have been working with allied health for years and his diet has got more restrictive not less. No amount of bribes helped – he would rather have starved.

It’s been so hard. 5 foods is just incredibly. Unbelievable.

He had hot chips for lunch and said “what does sauce taste like?” And tried the sauce! He didn’t like it – but we just reassured him that was ok and that his taste buds were still learning about new foods.

My Son has never tried sauce in his life. Usually he can’t even sit NEAR sauce and would have a panic attack if it was on him or touching him, let alone try and eat some!

We have never in his 11 years had a family meal together. His 8 year old sister burst into tears today when he said he wanted to try a hot chocolate.

Glenn you have made such a massive positive impact on our family. I cannot even explain it.
Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou.

If you are even considering seeing Glenn for your child please do it. It is worth a shot.

If my son could even be more comfortable sitting NEAR foods we would have been ecstatic. His fear was that crippling.

I burst into tears at the end of the session and had to leave the room many times over the last day to cry – so many happy tears.

How this will effect and change his and our family’s lives is just immeasurable – I cannot wait to see what the future holds. Even if this is as good as it gets; it’s already so much better.

That happiness I see in his eyes is someone who has so much less fear in his live. His life has been transformed.

Tegan D

Tasmania, Australia