We had the ARFID Therapy appointment, all very relaxed and worded in a way that children understand.

My Daughter (9) was nervous going in but by the end was very relaxed and happy. Every question was asked after seeking permission, so the child was very much in control.

I am still in shock. The way she threw the piece of apple into her mouth, chewed and swallowed it with no anxiety made me and hubby look at each other with a look of WTF!!, and then her casually asking to try a McChicken with no lettuce made me think what magic was cast?!.

The main thing was her doing it all with a smile on her face and no signs of fear or anxiety.

Thank you, she was amazing and we are so proud of her. Glenn did it all in such a way that there is no pressure but gives her the confidence to try.

Emma N

Christchurch, New Zealand